Pig tale

Nothing is ordinary in this story. The setting, first of all: the scene takes place in Ardèche. Some would say the region is tough. It’s not false. Indeed, these old mountains of the Massif Central experience very snowy winters. The heroine, then: it is a native of the Netherlands, Bernadine Jonker, who came to settle there to raise pigs. Not just any. Mangalica, a breed originating in Hungary, close to the wild boar and endowed with a woolly fleece which would make them almost look like sheep. The farm is located in a place called Les Soies, in the area of Saint-Symphorien de Mahun, about twenty kilometres south-west of Annonay. Decidedly, the story is not ordinary: it turns out that Marie-Victorine’s grandmother lived not far away. When the chef met the breeder, the story became a story of friendship. To our delight, to us, the eaters, because the meat of this animal is exceptionally tasty, marbled and tender. Marie-Victorine brings one, whole, every fortnight. All pieces are used. To find out more, look at the pretty drawing by Marine Philomen Roux on one of the room’s mirrors and ask Gabrielle Aguilo, the room manager. Disover the cuisine