La carte Restaurant Aux Lyonnais

Our menu celebrates traditional cuisine! Fall for the authentic charm of Aux Lyonnais, the only true Bouchon Lyonnais in Paris.
A cuisine orchestrated with modernity and lightness by a 100% Lyonnais chef: Marie-Victorine Manoa.

Come to enjoy the authentic charm of a real bistro dedicated to the cuisine of Lyon. Created in 1890, this restaurant full of history has been taken by Alain Ducasse in 2002 and offers a declination of talent and modern interpretation of the Lyonnaise cuisine.
Experiment an exceptional culinary journey !

Mâchons du dimanche Restaurant Aux Lyonnais

We welcome you every Sunday to savor the Mâchon menu, a traditional meal with Lyon specialties.

The recipes change every week but you will always find cold cuts, salads, pies, terrines, cheeses, desserts…

The formula is proposed at 55 euros with 1 glass of red Beaujolais included.

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Les vins Restaurant Aux Lyonnais

Who says Lyonnais drinks Beaujolais! Examples of these natural wines, light, fruity but with a beautiful substance? First, in Morgon, the domain of Camille and Mathieu Lapierre, dear to the heart of Marie-Victorine. Or the Reigné by Guy Breton and that of Pierre Cotton and Marine Bonnet, the Fleurie by Jean-Louis Dutraive and many others. And since, at Aux Lyonnais, we are openminded, the entire Burgundy – Beaujolais – Côtes du Rhône and Vallée du Rhône axis is invited to the party. A wine list that goes perfectly with the cuisine and the atmosphere of the restaurant.

The wines