One place, one history

One place, one history

Aux Lyonnais: a Parisian bistro dedicated to the cuisine of Lyon !

The restaurant Aux Lyonnais is created in 1890.

It serves first as a warehouse for coal and wood, then wine. In 1914, the Fouet family owns the place and decides to open the room on the street to showcase wines to the customers : the bistro is born.

Daniel Violet takes over the bistro after the Second World War : it soon becomes the most famous "Bouchon Lyonnais" of Paris. The authenticity of the place and the passion for the Lyonnaise cuisine and its taste soon seduced Alain Ducasse, who becomes the owner of the restaurant in 2002.

The bistro has retained its traditional wooden facade and its old "Maison Lyonnaise" sign on the front. It perpetuates the traditional atmosphere of “Bouchons”, those little bistros in Lyon.
Inside the room, you will experience a real time travel: on the buffet, the old coffee machine releases some steam and a nice smell of coffee. Behind the old wooden counter covered with zinc and tin, a few bottles wait under a continuous flow of cold water to be served.

Woodworks and floral moldings, old style lightings and "metropolitan style" pottery on the walls and the ceilings: the magnificent decoration of the restaurant is all about Art Deco.
Creations signed by the famous glassblower Jean-Claude Novaro from Biot - a little village in the South of France - punctuate the room. Everywhere beveled mirrors show back the spectacle of the rooms on two floors: servers coming on and back with copper frying pans or cast iron pots in the hands. On the old school oak tables with steel frames, some white plates and napkins, silver cutlery, faceted water cups and balloon wine glasses wait for the guests.

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32, rue Saint-Marc
75002 Paris
TEL: +33 1 42 96 65 04


Lunch from Wednesday to Saturday
12 pm - 2:15 pm
Mâchons on Sunday
From 12:00 pm
Dinner from Wednesday to Saturday
7.00 pm - 10:30 pm